How the Delta Worlds Work

So, you’ve heard of the Delta Worlds in my stories, but might be confused as to how they work. Well, I’ll give you a quick rundown.

Imagine a 3D grid in which there are X, Y, and Z axis. Much like in Minecraft, X and Z coordinates show the north/south and east/west position, while the Y coordinates show the height/depth above and below sea level.

Now, imagine several universes layered atop one another. Each layer along the Y axis represents one “universal dimension layer”, or UDL. This is how anyone versed in Multiverse Physics within the Delta Worlds sees the multiverse.

Along this Y axis, Layer Zero is known as the Prime Worlds. These are the core worlds, such as Earth Prime, Pokémon World Prime, and so on.

Layers along the positive–or rising–axis from Layer Zero are known as the Alter Worlds. These are worlds which have changes from the Prime Worlds, and all Prime Worlds have Alter Worlds counterparts.

Layers along the negative–or falling–axis from Layer Zero are known as the Delta Worlds. These worlds can vastly differ from their Prime Worlds counterparts, and are interconnected via the ARCC Gateway System, Frequency Tunnels, and Star Jump spell, for those who have access to these technologies and powers. However, unlike the Alter Worlds, there are Delta Worlds which do not have Prime World counterparts, and there are Prime Worlds which do not have Delta World counterparts.

Some Delta Worlds planets have Celestial Effects that cannot be explained by normal science. There are also many materials in the Delta Worlds which simply cannot exist among the Alter Worlds–the three most important of which are Nocturnium, Latisium, and their alloy state Unicerium.

The border between the Delta Worlds and the Prime/Alter Worlds is heavily guarded, with only specific individuals allowed through at any one time. However, these individuals often find these worlds to be quite chaotic, and as such, the guarded border is for the protection of the Prime/Alter World individuals.

Delta Worlds layers have their own timelines, their own dimensional slices, and so on.